MUROL Tales - Sean M. Murphy

Sean M. Murphy is a brilliant photographer. He is local to Minnesota and was an early user on MUROL. Photography has been in his family for generations. Sean learned about photography from his grandmother, she taught him, "to see all the colors and shapes of the world, to love the interplay of shadows and light, to find the moment between a gasp and its laughter, or a breath and its kiss.” We had the privilege to connect with Sean and ask him a few questions about his photography.

What got you interested in photography?

Growing up, my grandmother always had a camera in her hand. It drove us nuts. She was always, always taking pictures of us,and it got to the point where we would enter rooms with a hand up covering our faces from the angle we thought she would mostly likely be at. As an adult, though, I discovered that I enjoyed taking vacation pictures, and that part of my creative curiosity started to develop. In 2008 I had the good fortune to work with the Ethan and Joel Coen on the film "A Serious Man," and with the modest money I got paid for that work, I decided I would get a DSLR camera. It was love at first shot.


What is your favorite thing to photograph?

Sports, with a particular personal love of football. I love the passion and intensity, the speed and the color, and I especially love the challenge of capturing these fleeting, essential moments where one play turns an entire game. It is usually deeply frustrating, because there are always so many shots you wish you'd gotten, or gotten better, or at a different angle, but that is part of the learning process, and there is always more to learn. I enjoy lots of types of photography, but I'm really passionate about wildlife and sports telephoto.


How did you hear about Murol?

Another photographer and Murol user who I'm friends with, Andy Kenutis, had liked an event listing for the "Freeze: Murol App Launch" event back in July, and so it showed up in my Facebook feed. I started following links and found my way to the app, downloaded it, and immediately enjoyed the full-screen approach to photography. I also really like the idea of working to help a local startup grow and build an audience, so when I was reordering my business cards this summer, I included Murol as a social media platform that people should look at when they are searching for my work.


What inspires you?

It sounds trite to say "Light," but that is very much an element of what inspires me. I am moved by aesthetics, by color and shape and geometry. And I've been a storyteller my entire life, with 27 years of fiction writing as experience that plays into wanting to craft pictures that unfold and open up into more than just an image; they should tell a story.


What would be your dream photo shoot or location at which to take photos?

The Superbowl. Unquestionably the pinnacle event of the top level of my favorite sport to shoot. As a Minnesota Vikings fan, and as a friend, it is my deepest hope that fellow Murol user and Vikings team photographer Andy Kenutis gets to live out this dream shoot on my behalf!


Follow Sean on MUROL @SMMPhotos. Download the MUROL app from the App Store by following this link: Murol

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