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Jamie Hiner is a professional photographer who found his passion for photography by a stroke of luck. He was given the opportunity to navigate the beauty of nature in Colorado and he capitalized by capturing images of some breathtaking animals. Little did he know that his love for freezing time would be born on this trip. He currently does wedding and corporate photography while balancing that with creating images of his own. We recently caught up with him to ask a few questions. 

When did you start taking photos?

I started taking photography seriously after a week during one of my internships in which they flew me out to Denver to experience a new sector of their company. I borrowed my mother's camera for the trip because I planned on driving a couple of hours north of Denver to Rock Mountain National Park and hike for the day. A part of me feels very fortunate and blessed that nature decided to show off for me in that one day that I hiked. I had been hiking and driving around for about 7 hours without seeing any wildlife, and then all of a sudden a ram, elk and the different elements of nature appeared that even an amateur like me could not pass up the opportunity to capture photos of such a euphoric moment. I look back and appreciate the experience because it inspired me to purchase an entry level DSLR immediately after the trip to learn the intricacies of these amazing devices that allow us to transform our creative vision into a visually pleasing aesthetic. At the time, my boss didn't realize that sending me on the trip was a mistake (for him) because it led me to choose photography over the work I was doing at the time. Two years after graduating college, I struggled to find a job I was passionate about so I decided to do this full time but I love and appreciate my starving artist lifestyle. Cheers to finding your true passion !

What inspired you to pick up a camera?

What truly inspired me to pick up a camera was the moment I looked at a photo and appreciated the feeling it gave me. When a photo evokes emotion, you know you have taken that next step in photography. You can have a grasp of the fundamentals of a camera and take a crisp photo, but you need to apply that to finding that special moment or perfect angle that relates to the viewer and makes them feel something. After coming a long way in taking stills. I expanded out to video which has opened up many avenues of story telling as well. I have found much enjoyment in filming couples' wedding events or telling a company's story through video. 

What are cool projects you've worked on?

The coolest project I worked on was for a company called Droneseed out in Portland and Seattle. They are a startup pushing the boundaries of reforestation with drones. They essentially navigate forests to shoot seeds into the ground in hard to reach areas where it is not easy for man to do it by hand. They hired me to help tell their story through video. I was fortunate enough to create a video that help them gain traction in the media. It was a lot of fun getting some drone shots for some amazing aerial footage and being able to explore lesser trekked areas of Oregon!

Tell us something interesting about you.

I am a hobbyist of creative travel videos. Whenever I travel places, I create videos of each of those areas with a focus on drone aerial footage. You all can check out my Youtube channel if interested in viewing here

What would you most like to capture and why. 

Iceland! it is a little cliche but they are cliche for a reason right? It is a landscape photographers dream. I would also like to take a trip to Iceland then Faroe Islands sometime next year !

How did you hear about MUROL?

I heard about MUROL from one of my best friends who knows Henry. I contacted him looking to learn more about what MUROL has to offer and I became immediately intrigued. 

What makes MUROL unique?

I love that MUROL locks the orientation in landscape and forces the user to rotate their phone. It opens up completely new opportunities for interface layout and how the user interacts with the app. Along with that, it benefits the photographs that are shot in landscape orientation, allowing a large viewing area. 

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