MUROL Tales - Jacqueline Addison

Jacqueline Addison, a native of Ghana recently launched her AkuaGabby clothing line at the "Futuristic + Fantasy" event last weekend in Minneapolis, MN. She started sewing at a very early age of seven and her deep passion for the fashion industry stems from spending time with her father who was a tailor. First, she seeks inspiration for her clothing, then she illustrates it on paper, and finally, she sews her designs into life. Her rare blend of creativity and craftsmanship separates her from other designers. Before the event, we caught up with her to ask a few questions. 






1. What inspired you to become a designer? 

My dad was a tailor when I growing up, I watched and learned from him until he passed away. Before that, he told me to finish what he started, so here I am. I was always in the studio with him and he has always been the inspiration behind all my designs. The "Gabby" in AkuaGabby is his name. 

2. What is your aesthetic? 

Providing uniqueness in each piece by personalizing it for each individual as well as expressing my own personality in everything. I want people to feel beautiful when they wear AkuaGabby. 

3. Who is your role model and why?

My parents, they've made me who am I today. They have been guiding, pushing, and cheering me on all along the whole way. 

4. What would be your dream as a designer? What are you striving to accomplish? 

Giving back to the community which is why we held "Futuristic + Fantasy" to give back to "Tatas and Friends", a non profit organization that provides underprivileged, disabled children with food, clothing and a sound education.

5. What is one advice you would give to upcoming designers? 

Remember why you started and never let anyone tell you that you cannot. 

6. How did you hear about MUROL? 

I heard about MUROL through Henry Amoloja. I saw him at a fashion week event and he encouraged me to use MUROL as a platform to showcase my designs in a unique way. 

7. How can you use MUROL to elevate your presence in the fashion community?

I see MUROL as a new way to help share my dream and inspiration with others and hopefully encourage them to follow their dreams as well.


Follow her on MUROL at jacquelineamissahaddison or on Social Media at AkuaGabby