MUROL Tales - Kevin Roberts

Kevin is a native of Minnesota who was inspired to learn photography after moving to the Pacific Northwest. He has been able to capture places like the Olympic National Park, the Northern Cascades, the Puget Sound, the Pacific Coastline, and Vancouver, BC. He believes there is no better way to share his journey than through photography and social media. As an avid traveler he hopes to someday capture places like New Zealand and Patagonia. 

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Kevin Roberts. I am a Minnesota born photographer, wandering the Pacific Northwest. After graduating from Winona State University in Southeast Minnesota, I accepted a full-time Revenue Accounting position with Costco Wholesale (based in Issaquah, WA).

When did you start taking photographs? 

I’ve been shooting for just over a year now. One of my first purchases after moving to Washington was the Canon 70D. 

What inspired you to pick up a camera?

The natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest inspired me to learn photography. New to the area, there’s no better way to share my journey with family and friends than through photography and social media. Since moving west, I have had the privilege of capturing the Olympic National Park, the northern Cascades, the Puget Sound, the Pacific coastline, and Vancouver, BC. 

What/who would you most like to capture and why?

As an avid traveler, my top two places to someday visit and photograph would be New Zealand and Patagonia. 

How did you hear about MUROL?

As I was surfing social media one day, I came across a post from an old buddy of mine from high school. New to photography at the time and always looking for new social media platforms, I thought I would see what MUROL was all about.

What makes MUROL unique? 

I love the full-screen, strictly landscape aspect of MUROL. This app also inspires me to get out and explore the world. There are many great photographers using MUROL.

When did you see the bigger picture?

Leaving my family and friends in the Midwest to explore on my own, was the moment when I saw the Bigger Picture. Life is short. You should never stop exploring. 

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