MUROL Tales. Andrew Cooney

Andrew Cooney is an incredibly talented photographer from Australia. He primarily photographs destinations, travel and sports. He has travelled extensively, some of his destinations include, the East Coast of Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Canada and South East Asia. Andrew has been with MUROL from the very beginning, he was one of our beta testers. We were able to connect with him and ask a few questions about his photography.

Q: What got you interested in photography?

A: I was 14 when I started with photography. I lived on a farm at the time and had an amazingly beautiful back yard. I think the sense for adventure and nature sparked the desire to be creative, as well as my dad who had an interest in photography. I soon took his camera and played until I eventually acquired my own.

Q: What is your favorite thing to photograph?

A: I’m all for thrill and adventure. I look for an image that requires a lot of effort and creativity. I’m always looking for something new and exciting and am never 100% satisfied.

Q: How did you hear about MUROL?

A: I heard about the app through a friend. I was very excited about the new platform and can see it going a long way! I think the idea of full scale images is amazing and untapped. I can’t wait for the ride with the Murol team!

Q: What inspires you?

A: I’m inspired by many things big and small. I love being inspired by people who hustle really hard at what they do, it doesn’t just have to be photography either. The world inspires me as well, and I learn new things every time i’m in the outdoors about what’s possible.  

Q: What would be your dream photo shoot or location at which to take photos?

A: It’s a tough one. Every time I think of shooting one particular spot, adventure or location, I never come to one particular shot. I’d love to end up somewhere completely new, not ever seen before with guys as passionate as I am simply creating something different and exciting. Whether it be here in Australia, or somewhere overseas, finding new things is always what gets me excited.


Follow Andrew on MUROL @andrewcooney to see more of his photos. If you do not have MUROL you can download it from the app store here: 

  Follow Andrew on Murol @andrewcooney.

Follow Andrew on Murol @andrewcooney.