MUROL Tales- Andrew Lopez

Andrew is an avid photographer and entrepreneur who started his own graphic design company. He became interested in photography in high school and enjoyed developing black and white film. While he owns his own business and does branding, print work and develops custom websites, he still finds time to incorporate photography. 

Read his interview below.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Andrew Lopez AKA Pezios Photography. I am a graphic designer, web developer, entrepreneur and avid photographer, currently spending my days in Excelsior, MN. I started my graphic design company, Pezigns, in 2011 and continue to provide design and development services for some pretty awesome e-companies here in the Twin Cities. Though I have MN roots, I've also lived in Breckenridge, CO and consider the mountains my second home. 

When did you start taking photos? 

I think I was first introduced to photography back in high school. I really enjoyed shooting and developing black & white film. After high school I moved to Colorado and was busy snowboarding and hanging with friends, and photography sorta slipped to the back burner. I recently rediscovered my passion for photography and haven't put my camera down since. 

What inspired you to pick up a camera?

My work with graphic design has definitely played a role in refueling my interest in photography, but I've always enjoyed the creativity and freedom of photography. I'm always looking to capture a new point of view, but a big part of what I love is creating a final image that captures the moment from my own unique perspective. 

What are cool projects you've worked on? 

It's difficult to name just one. Since starting my business, I have had the privilege to work with many clients on countless design projects. I have done everything from creating branding & print work to designing & developing custom websites. I recently started taking professional headshots for clients and have had the opportunity to use some of my landscape photography in a few of the websites I have built. 

What/who would you most like to capture and why?

I have always had a strong LOVE for mountains, snow, and high altitude. I would love to travel to the Himalayas, Swiss Alps, or even the Canadian Rockies to hike, snowboard and take some photos. 

How did you hear about MUROL?

My dad actually told me about MUROL. He's a tech entrepreneur in the Twin Cities and happened to hear about a cool new landscape only photography app and told me I should give it a try.   

What makes MUROL unique?

I like how crisp photos look on MUROL. And unlike other photo sharing apps, MUROL utilizes the entire screen which allows users to really embrace every detail of the photo. 

When did you see the bigger picture? 

I would have to say when I decided to take the leap, quit my day job, and follow my passion for graphic design. Aside from the opportunity to be my own boss, running my business has allowed me the time and resources to really hone and develop my photography and design skills. 

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