MUROL Tales- Frank Denney

Frank is a Minneapolis based designer and photographer. Starting as a graphic designer, he quickly realized his interest in photography and was inspired to capture images with the best angles and lighting.  He particularly enjoys shooting nature landscapes and sceneries. Read his interview below.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Frank Denney, I’m a Korean-American designer and photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I spend my days at SportsEngine creating websites for sports organizations both big and small. On the weekends I shoot weddings around the Midwest. 

When did you start taking photos?

I've been taking photos for about 7 years now.

What inspired you to pick up a camera?

It was a pretty natural progression for me as a graphic designer. I’ve always been fascinated with photography but the moment for me was when I started finding myself breaking down photos just to admire the lighting and subtle details of their work. At that time I was also really big into composites and wanted to be able to take my own shots at the perfect angles and lighting for my projects. I was fortunate enough to have a good blend of experienced photographers helping me out, along with a good mix of inexperienced friends who were just curious to go out and shoot which was equally as helpful. 

What are cool projects you've worked on? 

Is it a cop out to say I love almost every project? I get to do what I love and people are genuinely happy because of it, you can’t ask for much more. Outside of design and photography I just finished up a year long video diary taking a one second video every day of 2016.

Tell us something interesting about you.

I have a solid collection of 1990’s NBA replica jerseys from my childhood that still fit me because my parents were accidentally forward thinking.

What/who would you most like to capture and why?

I love shooting natural landscapes. There’s an emotion I can’t quite describe when I get the chance to capture sceneries, which is ultimately how a photo should make you feel. 

How did you hear about MUROL? 

I heard about Murol through a few friends around the office that both told me I would love the app. I spoke with Henry and after downloading it I fell in love with it right away. 

What makes MUROL unique?

I love how personal MUROL feels right now, I’ve been able to discover and connect with photographers I otherwise would not have been exposed to. The UI is simple and intuitive, overall I’m excited to see what the future holds for MUROL. 

When did you see the Bigger Picture? 

The moment I saw the Bigger Picture was after moving to Minneapolis from where I grew up in Iowa. I was hyper focused on doing everything myself and stretching myself thin by not opening up for help and feedback. 

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