MUROL Tales - Kyle Zedaker

Kyle is a sports photographer living in Denver, CO. He started taking photos professionally in high school and he had the opportunity to work as a student photographer for his college's athletic department  He has captured photos of the Vikings in action at the new US Bank Stadium and would someday like to be a staff photographer for an NFL team. Another ambition of his would be to someday photograph the Olympics. Read the full interview below!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a sports photographer living in Denver, Colorado. I love being in the mountains no matter the season and I have two sisters.

When did you start taking photos?

I started taking photos when I was really young, but I did not know what I was doing. It wasn't until just before high school I started shooting with my uncle professionally as his second wedding shooter.

What inspired you to pick up a camera?

I was inspired by my grandparents a good bit growing up and they w ere very big on documenting everything, so I followed suit as best as I could. 

What are cool projects you've worked on? 

When I was in college studying at LSU, I had the opportunity to work as a student photographer for the athletic department for the better part of the four years I was there. As I worked my way up the student ranks, I started going on away trips with teams. Once specific trip was to James Madison University in Virginia with LSU Softball during their run to the Women's College World Series. it was great working with the team, the coaches, and all of our sports information staff to make sure we got great coverage for the web, social media, as well as images needed to be used for future marketing materials. Not only that, but LSU made a great comeback winning the final 2 games of the series in dramatic fashion to advance to the WCWS. 

What/who would you most like to capture and why?

As a sports photographer, i think working at the olympics is the highest thing on my bucket list (of course), but I would really love to be on staff with an NFL team. Working for the Minnesota Vikings this past season was an incredible ride and doing that full time each year would be a dream come true for me. I would love to capture a team's history through my camera.

How did you hear about MUROL?

I heard about MUROL through Andy Kenutis, the team photographer for the Minnesota Vikings. He showed it to me and mentioned the resolution and unique landscape orientation and it looked like a great way to showcase photography full screen without sacrificing quality. The user interface MUROL uses is very intuitive to simple swipe through someones's feed. 

When did you see the Bigger Picture? 

I saw the bigger picture this season with the Vikings. I knew that sports photography as a profession was the road I needed to take. Once I adjusted to the incredible change of speed from college football to professional, I started being able to anticipate pictures better knowing that i could get the lens there. I also cannot pass up the chance to mention that photographing the US Bank Stadium in its inaugural season was incredible. If you have the chance to get to a game, do it! It is an incredible building.

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