MUROL Tales- Nathan Lodermeier

Nathan is a landscape photographer based in the Twin Cities. As a dedicated runner, his passion for photography was ignited when he started shooting for his track team. He enjoys traveling around the state of Minnesota capturing beautiful, lesser known places. Someday he hopes to capture the unique landscapes in Iceland and the Northern Lights.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Nathan Lodermeier and I am a photographer based in the Twin Cities. I'm also a dedicated runner and have run several which I take a running selfie every mile. 

When did you start taking photos?

I started taking photos about ten years ago. I mainly started off by shooting cross country running and track meets for a team I was coaching. From there I expanded to landscapes, portraits, and weddings. 

What inspired you to pick up a camera?

I had always been pretty tech savvy, and when digital cameras started to become more popular I thought photography would be a fun hobby to get into. Right around that time I had an injury and wasn't able to compete on my track team. I still wanted to be connected to the team so I picked up the camera and shot pictures during the meets. I loved doing that so much and I haven't stopped since. 

What are cool projects you've worked on? 

Right now I'm working to get some really cool images from all around the state of Minnesota. I'm enjoying traveling around the state looking for the not as well known but beautiful landscapes. 

What/who would you most like to capture and why?

I love capturing the Northern Lights, but it's a pretty rare thing to do in Minnesota. I would love to go to Iceland to photograph the Northern Lights with the unique landscapes Iceland has to offer.

How did you hear about MUROL?

I was posting a lot of landscape photos on Instagram and Henry reached out to me telling me about MUROL and how it is a better fit for landscape photos. I gave it a try, and so far I'm liking it. 

What makes MUROL unique?

MUROL is unique because the whole app is viewed in landscape mode. This allows for a much better photo viewing experience. Many other apps are tailored to portrait mode and end up making landscape or panoramic photos tiny, which makes them look pretty bad. 

When did you see the Bigger Picture? 

I would say that moment hit me when I first saw a photo I took hanging on someone else's wall. It was a very cool and surreal moment, to see that something I created was meaningful enough for someone to want to display in their home. I still get that same euphoric feeling when I see my work on someone's wall.

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