MUROL Tales - Rebeca Paro

Rebeca Paro is a wedding photographer from St. Paul MN who attributes her passion for photography to her strong desire to bring her visions to life. On a work trip with her husband to Japan, she was forced out of comfort zone by totally immersing herself into a new culture and having to interact with people who speak a different language. This taught her to be self sufficient and more confident in her abilities to launch her own business. Here is the full interview!

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Rebeca Paro and I live in St. Paul Minnesota. I am a photographer by trade specializing in weddings and equine photography. 

When did you start taking photos?

My passion for photography started in high school. I truly enjoyed being in the darkroom and developing amazing prints. 

What inspired you to pick up a camera?

I have always been a hands on person. I love being able to have a vision, create it and follow it through the end. Seeing the final print really makes me happy but I can't do any of that without a camera!

What are some unique projects you have worked on?

Every wedding and engagement that I shoot is unique to me. They each represent an opportunity to capture something compelling and create something I can proudly call mine. More than anything, I want to give my clients something they will cherish forever. I also love to work on personal creative projects with my husband. Night time photography is one our favorite traditions. He supports all of my photography endeavors and I love him to death for it. 

What/Who would you most like to capture and why?

I love capturing horses. I really started to get into when I met my good friend Alyssa Smolen. She has the passion and a whirlwind of knowledge about horses. After working with her, it is hard not to be passionate about horses. My dream would be to travel to Iceland to photograph the Icelandic horses. 

How did you hear about MUROL?

I have family members in the Twin Cities software development community who recommended it to me. 

What makes MUROL unique?

MUROL is more focused on the actual content created by its users than in driving click counts or pushing algorithms. It is refreshing to use an app that lets creativity to shine above all else. 

When did you see the bigger picture?

I decided to jumpstart my photography career in 2013 by going back to school. In the middle of my schooling, I had a once in a life time opportunity to travel to Japan with my husband for his job. This opened my eyes to a lot of new things. While my husband was at work, I was alone and completely immersed into a foreign culture. I got to experience what it is like to totally rely on myself without knowing the language, how to read signage, or how to converse with anyone. Forcing myself outside of my comfort zone gave me the ultimate confidence I needed to start my own venture. I was inspired to put myself out there, forcing myself to learn the industry, marketing and client management. If it had not been for the trip to Japan, all of that might not have happened. 

Some more of Rebeca's work
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