MUROL Tales - Stephanie Bushey

Stephanie is a video editor and part time world traveller from Detroit, Michigan. She attributes her passion for photography to being surrounded by cameras as a kid growing up and also capturing every moment of her one month backpacking trip in Europe. Additionally, a film class she took filled with much older, outspoken students pushed her to master her craft with her newly bought canon T3I.

Tell us a little about yourself. 

My name is Stephanie Bushey and I am out of Detroit, Michigan. I am a full time video editor for M-1 Studios and a  part time globetrotter. When I am not planning my next adventure, I edit content for the Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Wild Wings, Ford Motor Company and everyone in between. An interesting fact about me is that I survived being hit by a car while riding my bike. I Couldn't walk for six months and I have had three bad bike accidents since then but I still get on one every summer. Check out Slow Roll Detroit!

When did you start taking photos?

I was quite young. I grew up with my dad videotaping every family function and with a huge family on my mom's side, there was always at least three cameras around. We were encouraged to always capture the moment. 

What inspired you to pick up a camera. 

In college, I feared being overshadowed by several older, outspoken guys in film class. I wanted to push myself to be a better filmmaker so I figured I'd better learn everything about cameras. Thankfully, I already had a natural eye for it, my photography class just sharpened my skills and forced me to invest in my trusty little Canon T3I.

What cool projects have you worked on?

In celebration of graduating from Wayne State and simultaneously surviving one of the most emotionally devastating events of my life (bike injury aside..), I treated myself to a month-long solo backpacking trip to Europe. I documented everything from the Swiss Alps to a balmy night on the Spanish steps of Rome. I grew tremendously during that trip and I'd like to think I can see my transformation into a fierce, strong, independent woman in those photos. I loved it so much, I am doing it all again this May. Here's the link to the video version.

What/Who would you like to capture and why? 

I want to shoot a high energy artist or band. Being at the feet of Fleetwood Mac at several shows, I can't tell you how heart-wrenching it is to want to professionally capture every moment and only be allowed an iPhone for taking photos. 

How did you hear about MUROL?

I heard it through the grapevine (Motown Love). But really, Henry introduced me to it and I haven't looked back.

What makes MUROL unique. 

I love that MUROL really embraces a photo. It captures and showcases the finer details that apps like Instagram just can't. It is a richer viewing experience than anything else I have seen so far. 

When did you see the bigger picture?

A hot stormy night in Indianapolis back in 2015. I was watching Third Eye Blind kill it from the wings and I think I took only one photo that night. Sometimes the picture is so momentous you can't capture it. Live it instead. Photos are wonderful, but memories like that are priceless. Don't get caught up behind the camera. 

More Photos from Stephanie
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The lady behind the camera. 

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