What is MUROL?

MUROL is the first photo sharing mobile app that allows you to capture, display and share photos on a strictly landscape interface. With your phone flipped to the side, your entire screen becomes a canvas for your beautifully captured images. 

Can I friends or followers on it?

Yes. It is a social network. You can follow and be followed by as many people as you please. You can spark conversation with them, interact with their photos and post to other social media platforms. 


What networks can I post my MUROLS to?

You can share your MUROL posts or other posts you find captivating to other networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Can I share videos on MUROL?

We would like to perfect the MUROLexperience with photo sharing before adding videos. 

Is this just another Instagram?

This is a revolutionary app that gives you the freedom to optimize your entire phone screen as opposed to a cropped, restrictive box. Let your creativity wander.

How much is MUROL?

Free in the app store!

How can I get MUROL?

Simply search using the alpha term "MUROL" into the Apple app store and tadaaaa! You're welcome to leave a review after using MUROL.''

What devices are compatible with Murol?

MUROL is compatible with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. 

Can I use MUROL on Android?

Ideally, we would like you to have a seamless experience with MUROL on the iPhone before we transition to Android devices. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to providing an Android experience in the future but there's nothing to offer now. 

Can I upload portrait pictures to MUROL?

Yes, you may upload portrait pictures to MUROL. However, it will not be full screen, it will be a teeny picture lying on a plain white background. MUROL is at its best when the whole screen is being utilized.


Is this only for Photographers?

MUROL is for anyone who takes great photos. If you have that photographer's eye and appreciate detail, you will love MUROL.