MUROL Ambassadors

Who are we?

We are creative

We are visually expressive

We are an outfit of  influencers passionate about this new platform and dedicated to the growth of the MUROL community.

What do we do?

We attract new users and engage current users.

We are influencers who are passionate about instilling the platform into our respective communities.

We work closely  with the MUROL team to contribute  to the  advancement of the platform.

We are  content contributors across all digital platforms. 

WHY do we do it?

We love the platform, like really love  it.

We are ecstatic about being a part of something revolutionary. 

We tap into MUROL's resources and ecosystem to help further our respective careers. 

We contribute original content across MUROL's social media platforms,  we get cool MUROL gear, we indulge our collaborative desires within the creative community and most importantly it is fun!



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